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Concept Name: CASPAD 

 Market  for this concept


Organizations associated with Digital Video Advertising, User Data Management, 

Adtech and Ad Platforms Solution providers, Publishing /Advertising Platforms with access to significant user/customer base. 



Our Aims For This Concept


We are looking for a partner/s in one of the markets mentioned above, to take a lead role in early stage testing and hopefully development of CASPAD, our unique UX Adtech concept. This would be in return for a highly beneficial shared ownership arrangement.



The main detail for this concept has now been elevated and transferred to UX ADNET, a site set up specifically to host emerging UX Adtech concepts and solutions. Please visit the site to find out more.


In the meantime we have left some further introductory information below that may also be of use.









Important note from the Author: This document was initially prepared with a focus video advertising (that appears ahead of user downloaded mobile and online video content- HOWEVER it is clear that the principles used with the CASPAD concept can be applied to any scenario where content is monetized by showing a digital video ad to a user. This includes for instance the market for Online/Mobile Games and Connected TV and Streaming. Therefore please read this document bearing this new information in mind.



Extract from Non-Confidential Concept Overview of CASPAD


1.What is CASPAD ?


CASPAD is a highly disruptive concept. It offers a less intrusive, more user- friendly method by which digital video advertising is presented to device users. These users  are searching for/downloading  video content via PC or mobile phone, Connected TV or other devices.  For simplicity, the current focus of CASPAD is on 'Pre-roll' video ads that precede downloaded video content- this is not to suggest that other formats of ads cannot be incorporated in the future. This all leading to big benefits for all parties in the advertising value chain serving that user base. 



2.The problem with Video Ads:


For device users


Currently, device users (potential buyers)  are not impressed.  A survey conducted on 1,015 adults by ORC international revealed that 90% of people tend to skip pre-roll video ads that appear ahead of online video content and try to avoid sources where those ads are unskippable. (source  article wave.video/blog/pre-roll-ads/).

What's more..ALL types and formats of video ads,  tend to perform poorly. According to IPG, 65% of people skip video ads, at the first chance they get. It is also clear some users do it out of habit..not just because they want to skip a particular ad. Up to 76% disclosed that they tend to skip ads out of habit.  (source  article ). wave.video/blog/pre-roll-ads/


Device users often own state of the art phone/PC technology/communications systems to help run their lives; yet when they want to relax, take a break perhaps download a funny video shared by a friend.. they must first have an ad pushed into the device screen. That's not respecting the user as a content viewer 'first' its treating the user as a commodity to make someone money. The downside of that is users are more and more savvy and will resent the unwanted intrusion into their time and space- no wonder they skip.



For Ad platform providers

Companies providing the actual Ad platforms.. such as Google/Youtube/Facebook and many others..are themselves caught up in the failings/limitations of the current MO. Currently there is no real differentiation in the way users on one platform or another interact with ads shown to them. That is a potential opportunity just waiting to be capitalised upon.   


Many of these companies offer their 'ad-sick' users/viewers the choice of going 'Ad Free' with the service in question, yet they will charge the user/viewer for the privilege. Its an attempt to show they 'hear' the users disquiet about ads..and then offer a solution. This is because ultimately.. the user/viewer's engagement is central to everything these companies do. Yet the 'solution' benefits no one in the process, certainly not the advertisers and users;or themselves ironically.


For Advertisers


It can be challenging and costly to create appealing and persuasive video ads/ ad campaigns.. which may often require the involvement of advertising agencies;only to have the viewer 'skip' as soon as possible, in order to get to the content he or she downloaded?  So where is the return on that investment? 

Add to that the increased prevalence of 'Ad- blockers' and how the fact the online/mobile advertising industry is under pressure to find more user friendly solutions for advertisers and their potential customers.


For Content providers and Publishers


Depending on the platform..the publisher/ content provider stands to make far less (in terms of ad revenues) if most viewers/users skip ads attached at the start of the video content itself.  



3. For More about CASPAD


Please visit UX ADNET via the link in the Concept Aims section near to the top of the page.